3 Ways To Make A Woman Think About You Non-Stop

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In other words, dudes, if you want a woman to be completely obsessed with you, you need to have a firm grasp of the psyche of a woman. A common misconception among men is that their relationships with women should resemble those with other men. You should know that men and women have different emotional requirements.

It’s important to make a woman see you as unique if you want her to think of you often. You have to have a level of bravery that very few men have. A woman’s attraction to you will increase the more disinterested she thinks you are in her.

Most men nowadays have no idea how to treat a woman properly, which is a significant cause of the epidemic of unhappy marriages and partnerships in today’s culture. Here are three tried-and-true techniques that are sure to win over any woman’s heart.

1. Try to keep yourself busier than she would expect.


Since you cannot give yourself what you want, you must exercise tremendous prudence. As a man, you must not allow a woman to take precedence over you. This is the point at which many males go wrong. Nothing, not even a woman, can take away from the man you are because of what you have accomplished. It’s a common misconception among men that the more they talk to and text their girlfriends, the more devoted she’ll be to them.

In general, women have little interest in dating men who are always bored. Maintaining a constant online dating presence gives the impression that you lack self-control and are willing to settle for any woman who comes along. As opposed to wasting your time on a woman, you should work on rising in your career and protecting your future. Like junk food, the fewer options a man has with a woman, the more she wants.


2. Put off making a decision

In the early stages of a new romantic relationship, this is crucial. Try not to overtly display your interest in the female even if you genuinely desire her. Stop making out like crazy right now; it’s not healthy for your relationship.

The woman in your life will start to wonder why she isn’t really committed to you if you don’t live up to your end of the bargain right away. It’s a common misconception that a man can keep a lady by giving her his complete devotion and undivided attention. Do anything you can to keep a woman guessing.


3. Don’t respond to or even look at her texts.

Communication is essential for maintaining any kind of connection, but the way in which that communication is carried out is of the utmost importance. Though technology advances have made communicating to the woman you love easier, it’s still a balancing act. Who said you have to initiate contact with a girl via text message? Where did you hear that you needed to respond to a girl’s text message the second she sent it?

There’s no need to rush to answer her texts. In addition, you shouldn’t feel pressured to text her the second you see her online. Don’t immediately respond to her text; take some time to deliberate. In this way, you can keep her interested in you. She’s going to keep wondering what’s up with you if you don’t tell her.

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