Habits That Can Destroy Your Marriage


Both people in a relationship need to be fully invested in it for it to succeed. Your marriage won’t succeed if you aren’t willing to put in the work to make it work.

A marriage can be destroyed by the following undesirable practices.

1. Fighting loudly in front of the kids

In order to save our marriages, we must stop this harmful habit. Fighting in front of the kids is awful and shouldn’t be normal behavior for you and your partner. As an adult, you should know that children’s mental health suffers when they witness their parents fighting, and I seriously doubt you want this for your children. You should avoid fighting in front of the kids. Never.

2. You treat your partner with contempt

Domestic violence is a horrible experience, as anyone who has been a victim can attest. Some guys, I’ve heard, resort to striking their spouses with belts. There are also wives who use filthy language and derogatory nicknames for their husbands. It’s not healthy for a marriage to include these behaviors. Even if you’re very furious, it’s better to talk things out with your partner than to disrespect them. When one partner disrespects the other, the marriage suffers and eventually ends.

3. You cut your partner off when they’re talking to you

There’s no justification for being nasty to your spouse in the middle of a conversation. Worse yet is the message it sends to your spouse. A guy’s interruption of his wife during a conversation is not justified just because he is a man. Neither the husband nor the wife should interrupt the other when the other is talking. Discover the importance of listening to your partner and letting them vent their emotions. If you must interrupt your partner while they are talking, make sure to ask their permission first.

4. Publicly slander your partner

There’s no excuse for complaining about your partner in front of others, and if you don’t stop, it could spell the end of your marriage. If you constantly badmouth your partner in public, people will start to treat them poorly. If you can’t think of anything pleasant to say about your partner, then don’t say anything at all, because that would be a terrible sign for your marriage.

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