Dear Men, Do These 7 Things To Make Her Feel Safe


Not all men are scum; rather, it’s more likely that the men you have met and heard about are. Men can act in ways that make women feel secure in their presence. Sometimes, these things demand intentionality and effort.

Nobody should ever feel uncomfortable around others. Despite their (women’s) opinions, dreams, aspirations, and potential, women are viewed in our society as inferior beings who must be “dominated” by men.

We are living in an era in which people, particularly men, are being taught how to treat women regardless of the system of ideas they may have held for too long. Women do not deserve to feel unsafe in the presence of men simply because of their gender.

1. Value her viewpoint and choices.

A man should respect a woman’s choices, even if he disagrees with them. There is a stereotype of women as weak humans who must obey a man, regardless of who he is. Women are naturally perceived as weaker vessels whose opinions and choices should not be taken seriously.

Men are not trained to show up and genuinely respect women’s opinions, so they do not feel safe. That is why you will see men conversing with their female coworkers in any case. However, when you respect her opinions, she feels more at ease around you. She sees you as unique and unlike the stereotypes.

2. Address her with courtesy.

Blame it on societal stereotypes, but men believe they are superior and do not need to treat the ‘inferior’ creatures, women, with respect. Women feel safe around men who treat them and other women with dignity. When you speak respectfully to a woman, she feels safe. Some men have the habit of speaking rudely to women and addressing them with a sense of entitlement and pride. Some men don’t know how to use words correctly. When it comes to addressing them, they throw caution to the wind.

3. Dedicated to the development

A woman would feel safe around a man who is committed to growth, whether she is in a relationship with a man or not. Any man who is incapable of growing or who has a fixed mindset should be feared. First, he is a proud man, and second, he will do stupid things to you with such pride in his heart that he will believe he is on the right track. A man is frequently identified as an opinionated individual.

A man who values growth is thoughtful because he values things that will make him better. A man who is truly committed to growth will not exhibit illiteracy traits. He’ll know how to treat people with dignity and see women in a more realistic light.

5. Consciously devotes himself to the healing of past wounds.

He accepts responsibility for moving on from the past. He does not go around blaming events in his life on the past and declaring, “This is how I am.” I’m not going to change.” “The past shaped me this way.” “Even if I’m wrong, I can’t apologize.” You can feel safe around someone who accepts responsibility for healing himself to become a better version of himself.

6. You express your thoughts clearly.

A man who expresses his feelings rather than acting out when something is wrong is the real deal. A woman would feel more secure in the presence of a man who communicates rather than uses his actions to perplex her. She’d rather avoid you because you’re unpredictable and she doesn’t know what to expect from you.

7. Pay close attention to the details

When you pay attention to details, a woman will feel safe around you. She knows she can rely on you because you pay attention to details that are important to her. She knows you’ll put in the effort to understand her. She knows you’ll show up because you’re observant. She understands that she will be respected and not treated as a weakling. Why? Because you pay attention to her and listen to her.

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