What To Do When Your Husband Is Not Romantic


Not all men bring flowers to the house, kiss you goodbye as you leave for work, or take over while you’re doing the dishes in the sink. There is no doubt that having a husband who is not affectionate can be difficult. If your partner does not show you affection, you may begin to question whether you are good enough for him.

You may be worried that your partner will no longer find you appealing. This, combined with a sense of emotional dissatisfaction, may cause you to be concerned about the future of your marriage. A non-romantic husband does not always imply that he is cold-hearted, emotionless, or cruel.

1. Accept and respect your husband for who he is.

Finding the positive aspects of your unromantic husband rather than attempting to change him will help you cope. Although he is not the type to shower you with gifts, take you out on dates, or take you shopping, he gladly agreed to pay for the course when you asked him to when you wanted to take a digital marketing course. Perhaps supporting you in all of your endeavors is how he expresses his love and affection for you.

2. Make some suggestions to him.

Because there are two of you in this marriage, the key to making it work is to step in and support your partner where you see a gap. Share some romantic restaurants you’d like to try for supper with him, or tell him about the long red dress you’ve been eyeing at the store. Surprise him by reserving a table for you at a fine-dining establishment. Make the first move and set up a romantic meeting for him.

Look at his dimples as he smiles and takes a sip of wine. Keep an eye on his expression as the candles burn.

3. Resist being swayed by social media.

Perhaps you saw a romantic beachside photo of your bestie and her husband or read a sentimental birthday message a friend posted on Facebook for his wife, and it made you feel like your husband doesn’t do anything special for you. Your marriage expectations should not be based on filtered, romanticized depictions of other people’s relationships. Don’t let social media romance cloud your judgment of your husband.Husband

Instead, express your appreciation for him. Each individual has a distinct relationship. You will not benefit from comparing.

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