Ways On How to Get a Man to Respect You

Respect means to hold in high or special regard. Most men do not respect what they do not love. Too many women are unloved because they do not make men work for or respect them. Here’s how to gain a man’s respect:

1. Be respectful to yourself.

This is not the same as loving yourself in any way, shape, or form. Respecting yourself entails holding yourself to high standards and making decisions that do not undermine the life you want or the person you want to be.

2. Display a feminine demeanor.Man

Feminine women are respected by men. That doesn’t preclude you from being intelligent, hardworking, or even a jock. It simply means that you should allow men to treat you like a lady, such as opening the door for you, pulling out your chair, walking on the sidewalk, and paying for things. Men enjoy pursuing and being the man in a relationship. The masculine and feminine polarities exist, and the feminine brings the masculine out of men.

3. Avoid being a piece of meat.

Believe it or not, no matter how badly men want to get you on their back, you lose respect points when you give in too quickly. It takes time for men to fall in love with you.

4. Be truthful and trustworthy.

A man will not respect you if he does not trust you. Don’t tell lies or portray yourself in an unflattering light.

5. Never undervalue the power of your words.Man

Men are contemptuous when they are criticized or disrespected, and they will not reciprocate with respect. Always act with kindness and love, and you will receive the same in return. The bottom line is that if you want a man to love you, he must respect you, which can be earned by having a set of values and adhering to them.

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