5 Things You Should Know Before You Go Into Marriage.


Everybody know that marriage is a beautiful thing, but there are some important things you need to know that will guide you in building a successful and happy marriage.

They are as follows.

1. Be prayerful.

It is said that heaven helps those who help themselves. Build yourself into the ways of God, pray without a season, and while praying, always commit your marriage into the hands of God, because God will never disappoint.

2. Never stop learning.

Keep learning about marriage, make some research about marriage, read books related to marriages. Don’t wait until something goes wrong, start now and prepare yourself.

3. Marriage is for better or worse.Marriage

Be ready to be with your spouse in any circumstances. Don’t forsake your partner because he or she is no longer doing well. Always remember the good times and your battles together.

4. Don’t forget that communication is very important.

In marriage, communication is important.

You and your spouse to be should always keep in touch. Don’t keep important information to yourself, talk about your ambitions and make plans together and achieve them.

5. Learn to forgive and be tolerant.

In marriage, nobody is perfect. Certainly, one day your spouse to be will do something you may not like, forgive him or her and continue with your marriage. Don’t allow anger or Little mistakes to take away everything you both have built together.

May God take control of your marriage.

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