5 Reasons Why A Girl Will Date You But Will Never Settle Down With You

Most men are bewildered as to why a woman will agree to date them but refuses to marry them when they make a marriage proposal. You don’t have to worry because I’ll explain why in this piece; just keep reading till the end.A girl

You could be one of the wealthiest or most gorgeous men in town, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a good husband or father.

While dating you, most girls already know who you’ll be after you get married. So, here are a few reasons why a female will date you but not marry you.

1. If you make your money illegally, a girl may agree to date you because of your wealth, but she will almost certainly reject you for marriage.

They place a premium on their safety.

2. Second, if you are the type of guy who engages in domestic violence against women, a girl may agree to date you but will refuse to marry you.

If you marry her, she will assume you will mistreat her.

3. If you have no respect for women and go around preaching that they should be your slaves because you’re a man, they’ll date you because you’re wealthy, but they’ll never marry you.

4. Women will date you if you are the type of person who jumps from one woman to the next under the impression that men are polygamous by nature simply because of your tremendous wealth or attractiveness, but they will avoid you if you start talking about marrying them.

5. Finally, if you are the type of man who supports defiling and raping young girls simply because they are not well dressed, women will date you but will never marry such a man.

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