7 Good Reasons Why Should Stop Taking Your Phone To The Toilet

If your gut is healthy, it takes five to ten minutes to poop. You might be wondering why we are bringing up this subject. because the average time we spend in the restroom is 20 to 30 minutes. because even after finishing our work, we keep scrolling on our iPhones.

You must be asking what the big issue is, in my opinion. But what if we told you that using your phone while using the bathroom is the worst health mistake you’re currently making? Recognize why? due to the potential health concerns. When you use your phone in the restroom, you take up more time and expose yourself to pathogens.

Most of us take our phones with us when we go to the restroom to avoid missing any important texts, emails, or calls. “We don’t want to skip checking our emails, texts, and social media accounts as our day starts,” he continues. By doing this, we are messing with our health.

Here are 8 dangers that come with using your phone in the bathroom.

1. It can lead to UTI.

If you use the bathroom while using your cell phone, it could become contaminated. There are germs on every single surface in your toilet, including the doorknob, toilet seat, and paper roll. Dehydration, gastrointestinal issues, urinary tract infections, etc. are thus possible.

2. Disease could be spread by your smartphone.

Additionally, your mobile device is harboring germs that can spread to others when you leave the restroom, whether you are at home or at work. When you show someone anything or set your phone down somewhere, the germs are disseminated.

3. Using a mobile in the toilet can disrupt you from passing out faeces.

The way your body responds to feces can be affected by using your phone while using the lavatory. While it’s advised to use the restroom for no more than 10 minutes, if you’re holding a cell phone, this time can easily grow to 20 to 30 minutes, which can interfere with the process of passing out feces.

4. Hemorrhoids might develop as a result.

Additionally, due to the body becoming accustomed to and confused by extended bathroom visits, your casual 30-minute trip may result in hemorrhoids. Inflamed, uncomfortable, and potentially bleeding veins in your anal area are known as hemorrhoids.

5. It might give you anxiety.

Sometimes going to the bathroom is the only opportunity you get to take a break from your work and hectic schedule. When you carry your phone around, you don’t give your brain a break. Information digestion is a constant process for you, which can be demanding.

6. In the end, time is wasted.

Most of us think we’ll save time by taking the phone with us when we go to the restroom, but in reality, it just wastes time. What can be completed in five minutes takes longer. Additionally, if you have your phone close by, it takes much longer to use the restroom or urinate.

7. You could lose your phone and all of the important information.

You can’t dismiss the chance that if you take your phone to the restroom, it will land in the closet. You might be unable to access important calls, texts, emails, saved data, etc. if this occurs since your phone will be dead.

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