Women Will Ask You Out If You Do These Four Things

The great majority of guys are unaware that women actively seek them out for dates. They’re not seeking just any old guy, either; they’re looking for males in positions of authority.

By applying a few basic methods, you can persuade women to approach you and ask you out on dates. Here are four strategies to get her to notice you and start following you.

1. Some men just can’t seem to grasp the fact that the first rule of manhood is to stop chasing. If you get in her way, she’ll come after you. Women will not rush to you if you appear to be working too much to pique their attention.

2. Act as the provocateur; do things that will solidify your place as the dominating partner during your contact with the woman. Average guys never get the interest of a girl.

3. Whether you’re talking to her in person or online, you should always be the one to end the conversation first.

Instead of asking a direct question like “do you like me?” utilize open-ended questions. So, how about me? If you want to get to know a girl better, ask her what makes her unique. If that fails, ask her to describe what makes her unique.

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