‘At the end of the day that’s what…’

Novak Djokovic received more than one scare in his second match at the ATP 250 in Adelaide. The Serbian tennis player, 35 years old and current number five in the world, recognized the complexity that passing the test set by the French Quentin Halys meant for him.

“He has played at a very high level. He started better than me, with an early break. It was difficult to break his serve because he was winning points from him and being very precise, great serves as well. He took advantage of his opportunities by being very aggressive, staying close to the line.

It was a very even match that was decided in two tiebreaks”, valued the winner of 21 Grand Slams. “I am proud to overcome such a challenge. Winning two tiebreaks is great for the confidence level at the beginning of the year, ”he added in his post-engagement press conference.

During the first set, Halys broke ‘Nole’s’ first serve and kept a couple of games ahead until he had the opportunity to win the initial set, but in the end, the Serb’s reaction came and with it the opportunities ended.

of the French player. Even so, he managed to take it to two tiebreaks, something that a priori was seen as an impossible mission. With this result, Djokovic advanced to the quarterfinals of his first stop in the 2023 season, where he will face Canadian Denis Shapovalov.

Throughout their respective careers, they have crossed paths seven times and Novak Djokovic has come out with the win in hand on all of them. What feeling has the Serbian tennis player left you in his first two matches of the year?

Djokovic is in excellent shape

Novak Djokovic has faced a different fate in Australia this time around, after facing deportation in 2022.

“I honestly respect and appreciate the support, all the fans here this year, and particularly of the Serbian community has been very nice to me and to my team and making us feel very welcome. I’m trying to use that energy that they are giving me to play my best tennis and win a match.

Hopefully I give them some good sensations, as well, good feelings of watching me play,” Djokovic said. “At the end of the day that’s what professional sport is all about, trying to interact with fans and through your game, your performance, and also some other interactions on the court if you have them.

But it’s nice. Obviously having a big support is always something that you want and you are wishing for basically,” he added.

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