“My Husband Will Never Cheat, Impregnate Another Woman”: Toyin Abraham Boasts, Celebrates Kola Ajeyemi

  • Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham talks about her marriage, finances, and her relationship with her stepdaughter during a recent tell-it-all interview
  • got the opportunity to have a sit-down with the celebrated movie producer, and she shared many truths about her career and marriage
  • The actress spoke about her getting it right in her new marriage with colleague Kola Ajeyemi after the first one ended, leaving a bad effect, now fixed, on her life

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham recently gave an in-depth insight into her career and marriage. She also revealed how she and her husband had managed their relationship despite intense public scrutiny.

Over the last two decades, Toyin has shown she’s an outstanding actress and movie producer.

Photos of Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi
Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham talks about trust, cheating and infidelity in her celebrity marriage as she spills-it-all in a chat with
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She recently spoke with Legit. ng’s entertainment desk editorial chief, Sola Sanusi. During their chat, Toyin and Sola touched on finances in the home, working with her husband and surviving a previous marriage.

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“There’s no manual for marriage”, Toyin Abraham shares marital nuggets

The Ijakumo actress reacted to a statement she made during a recent interview with Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka, where she talked about not having a joint account with her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi.

“There’s no manual for marriage because it’s not like we get married to the same person. For some people, their husbands might be quiet and calm, and they might not be. What works for me might not work for other people. My husband and I decided that there was no point in having a joint account.”

Toyin continued explaining the type of working relationship she shares with her husband; she said:

“We don’t really work together, or would I say we do? Ok, let me explain. I could be in his movie, and he could be in mine, but we don’t do collaborative production. Also, whenever he is producing his film, I don’t go to his location to sit down. If he is shooting for 20 days, and I am among his cast, all I would do is find out when I need to be on set, I go there, work and leave. In fact, I would work like every other actor; the only thing is that he is my husband, and emotions still show, so sometimes I could hug him or kiss him from behind, and when I am done with my three days, I leave the set. He also does the same thing whenever he is on my set. We do things that way because we feel that’s the only way we could do things together because of the kind of job we do.”

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I know how much my husband has in his account and vice versa

The actress explained how she and her husband handle financial responsibilities in their home.

“Most times, when I am not at home, he takes up the responsibilities, and when he isn’t at home, I take up the responsibilities too. And when he is broke, he would tell me, babe, I am broke do you have this and when I’m broke, I ask him too for money, albeit respectfully. However, if we have something to do that’s big budget, we contribute money to do it. We’re so open to each other, we are open books, my husband knows how much I have in my account and I know how much he has in his account. We also try as much as possible not to be selfish to each.”

Toyin Abraham shares tips she uses to handle being in a celebrity marriage

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Toyin also gave an insight into how she’s been able to manage her marriage amidst the public glare and constant scrutiny.

“It has not been easy to manage my marriage with so much public glare. But I am more mature now and know that marriage is like going to school to read medicine or law, but you never graduate, and you even pray never to graduate. It is the school you never graduate from and must keep passing its exams every year. You always have to work hard, so it doesn’t fail.

I trust my husband, and he also trusts me

The Ijakumo actress also touched on how much she trusts her husband and how they both work to maintain trust in their relationship.

“I have decided that no matter what anybody says, I trust my husband, and he trusts me too. I trust my husband; he is always truthful to me. That’s why when anybody calls me and tells me they saw my husband with a woman, I would just say no problem; and reply to such allegations by asking “do you want to see him with a guy?” I have committed everything to God, and it has worked for me. I know my husband will never impregnate anybody, and I know he will never marry a second wife. It is not easy often, with many people expecting too much from us. And you know, on social media, everybody is holy.”

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I love my stepdaughter Tope Ajeyemi; she’s a girl you can trust

Toyin Abraham spoke about her relationship with her husband’s first child, her stepdaughter, Temitope Ajeyemi, who she described as a none problematic girl that she loves.

“Her father is a good man; Kolawole is the best thing to ever happen to me after Christ. Through him, I became a mother. When a man treats you right, you’re naturally committed to treating his kids well. My husband’s daughter is my daughter. Temitope is a perfect daughter. She’s stressless and not problematic; she loves her brother so much and takes care of him and the home effortlessly. She’s also a child you can entrust many things with, so what’s not to love about her?”

A lot of things about me changed after my marriage

“I became more fashionable, I take care of myself more and I became calmer. And now I have a goal. Also as a married woman and a mother, there are things I would not do again. Also, I’ve had to be careful and respect my husband, honour him, and listen when he speaks. Sometimes, I have had to be wary of my actions so that people don’t take advantage of it to disrespect him.”

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Toyin also talked about how she appeases her hubby whenever she annoys him. She notes that he isn’t particularly a person that gets angry quickly. She further disclosed that once she gets him annoyed and apologises, the issue ends.

The movie star averred that she and her hubby rarely have issues that could be classified as really brutal, and it would lead to an all-out shouting match, quarrel or fight. Instead, she said they would rather talk about whatever could lead to a fight and trash things.

“Whenever we’re both angry, what we usually do is just give each other space maybe sleep in separate rooms and within a short while either of us would always say sorry. That is our routine it is something we’ve talked about, there is no competition trying to find out who can keep malice more, because we both know that we want the marriage to work and it has too.”

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While she also left a message of love for her fans, the Toyin Titans, she said without them; there is no her.

“I was recently pregnant, but I lost it”: Actress Toyin Abraham makes surprising revelation, fans console her

Meanwhile, recalls reporting that the much-loved Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, has once again proven to many that there’s more to the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity.

The actress recently joined media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin Minds, and they had a lot to talk about, from her career to efforts to expand her family.

A portion of the interview that has gone viral on social media captured the moment Abraham opened up about how she has been getting queries about welcoming another child.


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